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Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Fleetguard
Part Number: FS1251
Style: Spin-On Fuel/Water Separator Filter
Service: Fuel
Media: Enhanced Cellulose
Height: 5.196” (132mm)*
Outer Diameter Top: 3.015” (77mm)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed:
Thread Size: 16X1.5 MM
Burst Pressure-PSI: 330
Max Flow Rate: 6-8 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 20
( )* denotes metric

Gasket Diameters
                O.D.                  I.D.                    Thk.
Attached 2.74” (70mm)*   2.37” (60mm)*   0.217” (6mm)*
Packed   0.871” (22mm)* 0.595” (15mm)* 0.143” (4mm)*

Principle Application:
Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo (79-85), Cummins, Deutz , IHC, Other - w/ standard drain (20 Micron). If standard filter is needed w/o drain use FF5018 or FF42000. Upgrade of FF5052. Is A Longer Version of FS1235.

Interchange Part Number:
BF1226 TP1069 TP1294 TP858 GF26 FFR85127 FSR81226 FF898 6732716310 LFF3504 LFF8062 WK816 WK842 3472 73175965 F64424 F65166 12572012 3588378 3946296 3976655 860008 860874 33472 J903202 J931062 1240619H1 1240619H2 3903202 ABPN10GFS1251 P550248 72515734 A4027606 BF7921 E6646 A95472 16482200 9014100200 F433395 86472 86472MP 71104220 84299977 86990957 114545A1 J286503 J843760 J903202 J931062 3I1808 7176496 649500 AZF785 AZL785 FSW4101 5030 1492827 3286503 3831062 3843760 3903202 3931062 3931064 AX1004559 490160 CBU1177 CBU1920 P550248 288140 350066 531009 1240619H1 2011055 C3903202 73175965 73175973 UK5030 FS1226 FS5327 FFR85047 FSR81226 FSR81251 3843760 9576P550248 F3HZ9365C F3HZ9365E P8043 DNP550248 1240619H1 1290383H1 77383303 837S 2241108 FF898 HD0248 H179WK H70WK03 SN1226 SN1251 1240619H1 59477570 ALG2051 F433395 3903202 6732716310 6733719110 1240619H2 20701K1230 CUFS1251 CBU1177 CBU1920 CVU1177 LFF8062 601 7176601 HDF601 WK7162X WK84216 MCJ931062 940000604 29215544 3472 1133493R1 71104220 73175965 76194582 86555246 87800220 87803264 L86990957 1866524 8480286 A1226 F64424 7701030195 J8620251 CBU1177 Z156 Z533 FC7103 330560222 SK3502 SFF1251 V26560608 PSC496 PSC771 L02322 F433395 15007582 CBU1177 688392 T121082 VPD6032 237490003 2374900031 FS550248 3134055 33472 33472MP SF10024 WF10024 WGFS1226 WGFS1251 580004421 P177014 P550248 TP1069 TP1294 TP858 4814454 BF1221 BF1226 BF5587D GFV2051 0430790 0430796 1457434025 1457434093 1457434105 1457434106 74010 2335848 2335928 47135707 J286503 J843760 J903202 J931062 FP587F GF26 T0700092 T121082 WCF605 5030 3843760 3903202 FF760 P550248 P550688 P559310 FP4685 1902138 1909142 4764725 4795601 79093986 FFR85127 FSR81226 F3HZ9365A F3HZ9365E 25011999 GPP1122 GPP1122M FP587F F60152 BF1226 FF898 A0371005 A0380006 FF105 1240619H1 92100981 ALG2051 ALG2054 48058 1139814 GF884 6732716310 F154 F154R FP587F FP9587F 0009831617 LFF3504 LFF8062 F3708 F7308 WK814 WK816 WK842 WK8422 WK8425 G587F GF177 RB213 3472 73175965 73472 2651118 26561118 CS183 F60152 F64424 F65166 F60152 F60152 187940 1200468 1200930 12572012 243464 2434645 3588378 3946296 3976655 8385932 860008 8600082 860874 8608747 068127177B FP587F 33472 33472MP WGF8422

These filters are a stocking item.  Sometimes however, we do run out but when ordered if we do not have them in stock, we will order directly from Fleetguard then send the filters to you.  Most of the time I receive orders in 1-3 business days from Fleetguard.  Once received the filters will be sent to you next business day.  If you are in a hurry message me and we will check inventory.

All cross numbers listed will spin on and seal. If you need more exact crossovers such as size and micron ratings message me. The crosses listed are only a guide if specifics doesn't matter. Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this filter is right for you.


We are a Fleetguard Filter distributor that purchases new filters directly from Fleetguard filters from stores going out of business or old inventory stores want to get rid of. Filters listed as New Old Stock can be from any brand name that are not purchased as New. Some filters may have OE boxes, seals, or plastic wrap missing. Some may even have slight dings or minor surface rust. I do throw away filters I would not recommend using. If any filter has any rust or dings I will inform you and show pictures. If I feel the filter will be ok to use I will list them. We also purchase cases of brand new Fleetguard filters under special pricing for our eBay customers that wishes us to stock and long as they are a common filter that sells on eBay. We also offer volume discounts on new cases of Fleetguard Filters. If you control inventory for a shop and want to get ready for a new season, send be a message or contact me for a discount. In turn you will get the lowest prices anywhere. If you wish to purchase a case of Fleetguard filters you don’t see listed in my store most likely I can order these filters for you and give a volume discount also. All brand-new filters will be sold by the case. All filters of other brands will all be crossed to the Fleetguard filter they represent and sold by that part number in a lot. We all want the best prices of anything we buy. If you see any filters in my store that is not a Fleetguard filter that you need but has a higher price than any other filter you see in eBay, keep coming to the store. Every month price drops at least $1.00 or up to $10.00 until it reaches $0.99. If you see your item disappear from your watch list, come back to store. Could mean price was lowered. Also, if you see someone else selling a filter lower than mine that is listed as New Old Stock I will beat their price by 10%. Just send a message you found one cheaper and I’ll find the listing.

We also have several parts that are new or used from Honda vehicles or other makes. Soon we will be a source of many used auto parts. All used parts will be cleaned and if possible tested to insure they work. Stay tuned for more parts to come.

We do purchase new and old inventory and also Honda vehicles that will be sold for parts. If you have a shop and those darn filters are just collecting dust, or Honda’s rotting away in the back message me. Send me a list of filters, parts or Honda’s you have and how much you are asking and your location. I will look up part numbers you send to find the wholesale value and send an offer to you. The more presentable the filters and vehicles look the more I offer.

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No Returns offered if the part is not correct without contacting us first before order is made with the part number you need.  The cross reference numbers listed are only as a guide. Any charts you see listed even if they are provided by eBay may not be 100% correct. Some manufactures use the same part numbers but may be a different part. We will confirm that this part will work for you when you contact us.