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All cross numbers listed will fit and seal.  If you need more exact crossovers such as size or micron ratings message me.  The crosses listed are only a guide if specifics don’t matter.  Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this filter is right for you.


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Technical Specifications

Brand: Baldwin
Part Number: BF1280
Product Style: Fuel Filter
Technology: Filtration
Product Type: Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain
Notes: CAUTION: Furnished O-Ring must be installed on post for seal.
Thread Size: 13/16-18
Outside Diameter: 3 11/16 (93.7)
Length: 6 1/4 (158.8)
Gasket: Furnished Gasket: [1] Included; Integral Gasket: G401
Related To: BF7879 (without Drain)
Micron Rating: 4 Nominal; 20 Absolute
Application: Cummins Engines
Compatible Competitor Part Number: Cummins 3925274


Popular Cross References

3925274 3890706 3903410 3930942 36846 BF1280 P551329 P3401 33357 T1068 709936 72501531 122009 ABPN10GFS1280 SFF1280 95357 49501000015 SP460 180412 34883 53501140 MB1992366 1821125 225059 16400300 9014000300 538241 30003063 30003070 1992366 1992366B 31780206 31780219 0986AF6048 RC048 86357 86357MP 903410 84476807 A77470 A774701 J903410 J925274 J930942 V88833 538241 3I1178 3I2132 459300011003 VF1812 913556 FSW4141 5007 3890063 3935274 11E170210 53C0051 350027 531004 1125N010 161623 211032 212374 900827 FT5360 75208274 76107829 ZP525 UK5007 FFR85038 FFR85056 FSR81280 9576P550439 F3HZ9162A 1507033 DNP550439 DNP551329 L97074 77383819 VA22600030A 852S 9414100789 9414100805 FF1014 HD0257 H17WK06 SH5038 SN5038 76192505 L76107829 8606007 35374669 57150849 59728196 88122551 IF6011 2910150 02910150A 332Y3163 F413331 YE3903410 YN50VU0001D2 207840 8320253 16123 6732716120 6742015065 CU3903410 CUFS1280 FS366 124978 3A15893 C8H0078 C3930942 SP105625 25089 LFF3357 LFF3417 MDF7533180401 2191P551329, KFF0331301, 473725, 473728, WK9165X, WK9252, WK9407, 1072418M1, 1076748M1, 1076748M2, 3621278M1, MCJ925274, 29215328, 3357, 3357MP, 25850, 83977314, 86991002, 8961100068, LBF1280, 3196204010, 1492250, 1492259, 1492582, 1465437, 1046Z571, LL1189114, F54423, F64863, PER4423F, J8621280, CBOS3410, FC5706, 991203410, 9991203410, A77470S1, 69038413, SK3570, 331158T1, 88290005192, 4026941, PSC410, 6000008, 15270824, K2650575, T47764, 413331, 413831, 8413330, 841333000, 951364, 12701940, 4614878, 688456, 81028800, VPD6030, 107611001, 220162023, 88833, FF551329, FS551329, 2RK127177B, 43923093, 912O3410, 811908, 303437582, WF10051, WGF5038, WGFS1280, 22854649, T1068F, T829, TP1328, 3000301, 300030100, A41745, A44068, --A58712, A77470, J903410, J925274, J930942, 3I1178, 36846, 1992366, WD283 75208274, FSR81280, 1507033, 25012001, 25012002, 6439133, 6439134, 9414100789, FF1014, FF1027, FF1070, FF1170, FF989, 161623, 35374669, 2910150, YN50VU0001D2, 1310729H1, 6732716120, 6742010020, 6742015065, F166B, C8H0079, LFF3357, LFF3417, LFP3301F, 1076748M2, 1992366B, FD70, 83977314, 1870011, 3903640, P43, F54423, F54523, F60043, F64863, L60043, 413331, 841333100, 4614878, V88833, 36846, 991203410, 303437582, 72501531, WF10051