BF1212 (6 PACK) BALDWIN FUEL FILTER FS1212 Various Cummins, Hitachi, Kawasaki a384

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BF1212 (6 PACK) BALDWIN FUEL FILTER FS1212 Various Cummins, Hitachi, Kawasaki a384

Technical Specifications

Brand: Baldwin
Product Style: Fuel Filter
Technology: Filtration
Product Type: Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain
Notes: CAUTION: Furnished D-Ring must be installed on post for seal.; Can be used with FB1311 base.
For Use With: BF1212 FOAM
Thread Size: 1-14
Outside Diameter: 3 11/16 (93.7)
Length: 7 7/16 (188.9)
Gasket: Furnished Gasket: ES24-D; Integral Gasket: G381-A
Related To: BF957, BF957-D (Fuel Versions); BF7798-SP (Sensor Port Version);BF7798-O (Open Port Version)
Micron Rating: 4 Nominal; 20 Absolute
Application: Cummins Engines
Compatible Competitor Part Number: Cummins 3308638


Popular Cross References

BF1212 3308638 P558000 57138554 36849 PS3712 33405 TP1001 TP1002 TP1003 TP860 711048 702256C1 71370788 74394407 ALG9098 ABPN10GFS1212 ABPN12232FRT02 4394407 43944073 FI10040 SFS7507 95405 181925 220076 30Z7180369 E6720 E6781 31243001 86405 90394151 700052371 498435C1 702254C1 702255C1 903941T1 A184776 E1950565 V79080 2266561 3I1305 3I1307 3I1308 3I1312 3I1315 3I1316 3I1365 3I1367 3I1368 3I1370 9Y4424 9Y4431 9Y4432 9Y4439 LFF8000 LFP255F HF501 VF1811 FSM4029 FSM4099 FSW4099 5027 3308683 3310216 3315843 3600980 3831132 4962810 33086386 4749060 65125035011 24749060A C3308638 CC315844 2330087507 WD357 WD462 694137 23516189 350115 531007 65125035011A 65125035011B 65125035011D 1214920H1 702952C91 69016586 D2NP558000 7364111 7364439 1355376 1359398 FT4937 FT5450 71455185 73144663 UK5027 FFR8194 FSR81212 FSR81212W FSR81214 FSR81215 FSR81220 FSR81222 FSR81225 Y03702609 Y05788301 6123881 83DB9155AA 9576P552250 9576P558000 9576P558020 9576P558050 F1HT9155BA DNP558000 845S 7437000747 9414100880 2241086, G033341, G033415, G033439, G033452, FF1017, FF1018, FF1022, FF1060, FF1064, FF863, FF864, FF866, FF867, FF968, 15163, A16021, HDA16006, HDA16021, 400002508, SN1212, SN1214, SN1225, SN194, SN55110, SN55802, 4616864, 40859121, 76192900, L4291867, PMFS1212, 1456804, 04FS1212, 3357268, 35357268, 92923390, 1132402310, 2800030, RE42050, RE42650, KW1212, YN50VU0001D7, 1240483H1, 20801K1310, CU3315843, CUFS1212, FS243, FS244, FS244U, PF244, 36010194, 36011212, 36010194, 36011212, 7364434, C6H0279, 53C0366, APF3246A, APF3247A, 25063, 25156, LFF8011, LFF8020, LFF8050, LFF8727, LFF9011, LFP251F, LP255F, MDF552, 2191P558000, WK95016, WK95020, 23150204, 23150241, 29214195, FD3373, FD816, FD816FP, FD818, FD818FP, FD819, FD819FP, FG65, FG94, FG96, 3405, 1239941H1, 702254C1, DO0110001001, 1492200, 1492278, 102650, 1419132, 1419139, 1427510, A1212, 6685817, F50022, F60024, F60026, F60027, GP24, GP26, PER76, B32004, S3201S, S3204, S3230, S3230P, J8620212, FC5705, 991215843, B222100000493, 92819417, 92819717, SK3509, SK3552, SK3580, SK3587, 1273400051, 1273400311, S1694B, 903941T1, SFF1212, 4962810, 65125035011, 2404340, 4026077, RN117 4962810 102650 1427510 15266846 15274301 E1950565 M6150533 302298 115947 125947 125948 1478442 1478472 1478808 1478838 9Y4424 9Y4439 15266845 4609279 689004 T121081 79080 FF558000 FS558000 36849 2551717 3130948 3132887 4084196 991215843 C4P558000 811376 811468 811470 811471 811473 17000142 27000142 172015002 400002508 400002533 WGF194 WGFS1212 WGFS1214 WGFS1225 4609279 LFF8012 ABPN10GFF105D ABPN10GFS1212 ABPN10GLK56CA 903941T1 1986378 2029902 3I1365 HF501 36849 5027 3308638 3315843 3355904 23516189 FSR81212 F1HZ9155C 15587139 25011689 FF1017 FF863 4085912 4185912 4291867 1214920H1 124920H1 1669442C1 35357268 RE42050 KW1212 PS1212 YN50VU0001D7 FS244 C6H0279 LFF8000 LFF8012 LFF8020 LFF8021 LFF90013 WK95016 FD3373 FD813 FD816 FD816FP V79080 F60024 F60027 B32001 S3201 4609279 V79080