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Any cross numbers listed are part numbers I found online researching parts.  We cannot confirm the accuracy of the information.  If you need to verify a part is correct for you text me your VIN number to 636-887-6799.  If it is filters text me your old part number.  Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this part is right for you.


We are a Baldwin and Fleetguard Filter distributor that purchases new filters directly from them.  We also purchase wholesale parts that are new but will be listed as used if so.  If you wish to purchase any filters you don’t see listed in our store, it’s possible we have them in stock, if not we can order the filters for you.  We all want the best prices of anything we buy. If you see any new filters or parts in our store that have a higher price than other stores you see online, send me a text.  Filters and parts are also sold locally that could limit availability you see online. 

If there are any filters we need to order or are short on stated inventory, I will text you personally and not from a robot.  Please leave a cell phone as your contact.  Otherwise, you will need to contact me for status.  Contacting me by text is best way.


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If you have a shop and those darn filters and parts are just collecting dust. Send me a list you have and how much you are asking and your location. I will look up part numbers you send to find the wholesale value and send an offer to you. The more presentable the items are the more I can offer.

Thank You for visiting AYP-Parts.


No Returns offered if parts are not correct without contacting us first before order is made.  Also, no returns due to misdiagnoses.  Any cross-reference numbers listed are only as a guide.  Any charts you see online may not be 100% correct.  Some manufactures use the same part numbers but may be a different part.  We will confirm that this part will work for you when you contact us.



Product Comments

Stemco QWIKTIE Tie Rod Assembly QT108SB. Rod assembly can be set from 57-3/8″ to 73-7/8″ Center of grease Zerk to Center of Grease Zerk which allows fitment of over 80% of tie rod lengths on the market. Each tie rod end has a limit groove indicator each tie rod is powder coated and has finer threads to provide more precise adjustment capability and an improved clamping system which includes a third relief cut to provide tighter clamping strength for a safer and more secure connection.

Cross Reference

Elgin ES2091R, ES2113R, ES2208R, ES3030R, ES346L, ES346R, ES431L, ES431LA, ES431R, ES431RA

Euclid E-4616, E-4617, E-4617TU, E-4618, E-4619, E-4628, E-4629, E-4642, E-5393, E-5396, E-5397, E-6856, E-6857, E-9877, E-9878, E-9879, E-9880

Motorcraft MEOE102, MEOE180

Midland M2ES2090L, M2ES2091R, M2ES2118L, M2ES2202R, M2ES2208R, M2ES2614R, M2ES3031L, M2ES303OR, M2ES3056, M2ES3057, M2ES3297R, M2ES346L, M2ES346R, M2ES431L, M2ES431R

Stemco QT108SB, 462.ES187L

Meritor 230236, 230237, A13102B3850, A13102C4293, A13102D2890, A13102D2890V, A13102D3852, A13102G2841, A13102J3858, A13102J4534, A13102M2899, A13102P4332, A13102R2904, A13102R4282, A13102R4438, A13102S3451, A13102T2802, A13102T4284, A13102U2881, A13102U3869, A13102V2882, A13102W2909, A13102X4288, A13102Y3873, A13102Z3874, A23102S3451, A23102Y3847, A23102Y3873, A23102Z3874, A3144A547, A3144C237, A3144C549, A3144D238, A3144D550, A3144F448, A3144G449, A3144J296, A3144K296, A3144K297, A3144U437, A3144V438, A3144Z546, A43102P3370, A4312K3365, R230022, R230023, R230041, R230042, R230050, R230052, R230055, R230066, R230067, R230070, R230071, R230072, R230073, R230076, R230077, R230091, R230092, R230102, R230103, R230104, R230105, R230114, R230115, R230129, R230130, R230133, R230134, R230213, R230214

Perfect Circle 2692158, 2692159, 2692311, 2692312, 2692446, 2692447, 2692485, 2692644, 2692645, 2692698, 2692699, 2692700, 2692709, 2692710, 2695098, 2962311

PAI ARE9950, ARE9986, ARE9990, ARE9991

Eaton 818471, 818472, 820626, 820627, 820694, 820695, 971128, 971129, TE2017, TE2018, TE2021, TE2022, TE2041, TE2042, TE2043, TE2044, TE2045, TE2349, TE2350, TE2453

Chrysler 2585607, 2585608, 3634206, 3634207

Fleetrite FTR2091R, FTR2208R, FTR3030R, FTR3034R, FTR346L, FTR346R, FTR431L, FTR431R

Ford B8TZ-3A130B, B8TZ3A131B, D0HZ3A130B, D0HZ3A130C, D0HZ3A131B, D0HZ3A131C

Isuzu 8889230850, 8889360850, 8889360860, ES-9329R

Trailmobile 384616

Unimotive TR2040R, TR2041L, TR2090L, TR2091R, TR2113R, TR2114R, TR2115R, TR2116L, TR2202R, TR2204R, TR2207R, TR2209R, TR2210L, TR346L, TR346R, TR376L, TR376R, TR431R

Hendrickson 29142

Navistar 1649638C91, 1668479C91, 1668480C91, 1677271C91, 220TR118, 220TR119, 2603967C91, 442354C91, 447095C91, 461665C91, 461672C91, 468354C91, 486354C91, 486355C91, 486355C91F, 486355R91, 486807C91, 491665C91, 491666C91, 506662C91, 506684C91, 549772C91, 581063C91, 590583C91, 590584C91, 969055R91, 969056R91, FTR2040R, FTR2090L, FTR2091R, FTR2113R, FTR2114R, FTR2115R, FTR2116L, FTR2202R, FTR2203R, FTR2204R, FTR2207R, FTR2209R, FTR2210L, FTR3030R, FTR3031L, FTR3033L, FTR3057, FTR346L, FTR346R, FTR3477, FTR376L, FTR376R, FTR431L, FTR431R

Thomas Built Buses 61110153

TRW ES2040R, ES2041L, ES2090L, ES2091R, ES2113R, ES2114R, ES2115R, ES2116L, ES2202R, ES2204R, ES2207R, ES2208R, ES2209R, ES2210L, ES3030R, ES3031L, ES3033L, ES3034R, ES3057, ES346L, ES346R, ES376L, ES376R, ES431L, ES431R, L24SV5202A11, L24SV8100B13, L24SV8101A21, L24SV8101A23, L24SV8101C22, L24SV8102C13, L24SV8102C1, L24SV8103C1, L24SV8103C12, L24SV8107A13, L24SV8110D12, L24SV8202D18, L24SV8203B18, L24SV8204A19, L24SV8205C25, L24SV8207A14, L24SV8208B12, L24SV8209B12, L24SV8210A13, L24SV8210A27, L24SV8211A16, L24SV8211B12, L24SV8214B15, L24SV8454A14, L24SV8454A16, L24SV8454A19, L24SV8455A14, L24SV8455A16, L24SV8455A19, L24VT8998A11, L28SV5201A11, L28SV5201A12, L28SV5202A11, L28SV5202A16, L28SV5207B16, L28SV5211B23, L28SV5211B37, L28SV5275A12, L28SV5276A12, L28SV5326A14

Western Star 1436400021, 1436400022, 370035029, 370035031, A3144C549, A3144D550, A3144F448, A3144G449

Workhorse W8001028, W8001029

Mack 10QH248P3, 10QH248P4, 10QH248P5, 10QH248P6, 10QH309P1, 10QH311P1, 10QH312P1, 10QH39P1, 18QK214P2, 18QK23A, 18QK28A, 18QK29301, 25023471, 25168559, 310228SF, 310229SF, 7QH253P3, 7QH253P4, 7QH335, 7QH335P2, 7QH335P4, 7QH335P5, 7QH338, 7QH338P2, 7QH47M, A3144U438

Freightliner 6070910, 6073380010, 6073381310, 6073381410, 6803303603, 6803303903, 6803307303, 681-460-15-05, A3144C237, A3144C549, A3144D238, A3144D550, A3144F448, A3144G449, A3144J296, A3144K297, L28SV5000A14, L28SV5000A18, L28SV5000A30, L28SV5000H29, L28SV5000H35, L28SV5001A18, L28SV5003A14, L28SV5003B18, L28SV5004D1, L28SV5200A12, L28SV5200D12, L28SV5201A12, L28SV5201D12, L28SV5207B16

Kenworth A1-3144F370, A3144C237, A3144C549, A3144D238, A3144D550, A3144F448, A3144G449, A3144J296, A3144K297, A3144U437, A3144V438, L28SV5202A1, L28SV5203A1

Blue Bird 259725, 4278503, 663811

Batco 212041L, 212091R, 212115R, 212116L, 212202R, 212204R, 212207R, 212208R, 212209R, 21220R, 213030R, 213034R, 21346L, 21346R, 21376L, 21431L, 21431R

Marmon A3144C237, A3144D238, A3144J296, A3144K297

Spicer 161TR1003, 220TR1003, 220TR115, 220TR116, 220TR118, 220TR119, 220TR1291, 220TR1292, 817755, 820623, 820625, 820677, 822073, 822074, 822076, 822077, 971070, 971092, 971094, 971190, S9692311, SP692158, SP692159, SP692311, SP692485, SP692486, SP692644, SP692645, SP692698, SP692709, SP692710, TRE2090L, TRE2091R, TRE2208R, TRE346L, TRE346R, TRE431BLA, TRE431BRA, TRE431SLA, TRE431SRA

Automann 462.ES2090L, 462.ES2090LS, 462.ES2091R, 462.ES2091RS, 462.ES3030R, 462.ES3031L, 462.ES3033L, 462.ES3034R, 462.ES346L, 462.ES346R, 462.ES431L, 462.ES431LS, 462.ES431R, 462.ES431RS, 462.ES4601L, 462.ES4601R, 462.ES9328L, 462.ES9329R, 463.DS3138, 463.DS9801, 463.DS9802, 463.DS9807, 463.DS9811, 463.DS9812, 463.DS9816, 463.DS9817, 463.DS9818, 463.DS9819, 463.DS9824, 463.DS9826, 463.DS9827, 463.DS9828, 463.DS9829, 463.DS9831, 463.DS9832, 463.DS9834, 463.DS9836, 463.DS9837, 463.DS9838, 463.DS9842, 463.DS9843, 463.DS9850, 463.DS9857, 463.DS9859, 463.DS9861, 463.DS9865, 463.DS986, 463.DS9869, 463.DS9871, 463.DS9872, 463.DS9873, 463.DS9882, 463.DS9883, 463.DS9884, 463.DS9885, 463.DS9889, 463.DS9890, 463.DS9891, 463.DS9896, 463.DS9897, 463.DS9902

TRP TE12007, TE12008, TE12011, TE12039