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Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Fleetguard
Part Number: AF55320
Style: Air, Secondary
Service: Air
Overall Height: 42 mm (1.654 inch)
Overall Length: 179.6 mm (7.071 inch)
Overall Width: 226.3 mm (8.909 inch)

Principle Application
Cummins 5310325. Cummins QSF 3.8 (Final Tier 4), QSB4.5 (Final Tier 4), QSF2.8 Naturally Aspirated (Tier 4), QSF2.8 Turbo (Tier 3), QSF 2.8 (Final Tier 4) Engines

Product Comments
Fleetguard Direct Flow 390 and 585 series air cleaners For use in applications not requiring a MAF (mass air flow) sensor. For applications with MAF sensor, use AF55312.

Interchange Part Numbers

All Applications

Equipment          Engine               Lube         Fuel             Air               

CUMMINS           QSF2.8 TIER 3   LF16352   FH21076      AF55320

Engine                                             LF17356   FH21087

                                                                         FH23805M                                              -             


CUMMINS           QSB4.5 TIER 4I  LF16006   FF63009      AF55320

Construction        STAGE IIIB         LF3970        


CUMMINS           QSF3.8 TIER 4F LF16352   FH116          AF55320



CUMMINS           QSF2.8 TIER 3   LF16352   FH21087      AF55320

Engine                  TURBO              LF17356   FH23805M


CUMMINS           QSB4.5 TIER 3  LF16006    FH5612       AF55320

Construction         STAGE IIIA        LF3970     FF5614                                    



CUMMINS           QSB4.5              LF16015    FF5421        AF55320

Generator Engine                           LF3970    FF5612                                                                                                                                                                                          FH21464





CUMMINS           QSB4.5 TIER 2  LF3805      FF5079        AF55320

Construction                                                     FS19616

                                                                         FS20121                                              -              -

CUMMINS           QSB4.5 TIER 3 LF16006     FF5421        AF55320

Construction                                  LF1015       FF5612

                                                       LF3970      FF5614



CUMMINS           QSF2.8 TIER     LF16352    FH116          AF55020

Engine                 4F TURBO        LF17356     FH21080      AF55030             




CUMMINS           QSB4.5             LF16015     FF5421         AF55320

ONAN DSFAE                               LF3970       FF5612

Power Generation                                            FH22264




CUMMINS           QSB4.5             LF16035     FF5421         AF55320

ONAN DSFAA                               LF3970       FF5612

Power Generation                                            FH22264                                                                                                             FS19732



CUMMINS           QSB4.5             LF16015     FF5421         AF55320

ONAN DSFAD                               LF3970      FF5612

Power Generation                                            FH22264




We are a Fleetguard Filter distributor that purchases new filters directly from Fleetguard filters from stores going out of business or old inventory stores want to get rid of.  Filters listed as New Old Stock can be from any brand name that are not purchased as New.  Some filters may have OE boxes, seals, or plastic wrap missing.  Some may even have slight dings or minor surface rust.  I do throw away filters I would not recommend using.  If any filter has any rust or dings I will inform you and show pictures. If I feel the filter will be ok to use I will list them.  We also purchase cases of brand new Fleetguard filters under special pricing for our eBay customers that wishes us to stock and long as they are a common filter that sells on eBay.  We also offer volume discounts on new cases of Fleetguard Filters.  If you control inventory for a shop and want to get ready for a new season, send be a message or contact me for a discount.  In turn you will get the lowest prices anywhere.  If you wish to purchase a case of Fleetguard filters you don’t see listed in my store most likely I can order these filters for you and give a volume discount also.  All brand-new filters will be sold by the case.  All filters of other brands will all be crossed to the Fleetguard filter they represent and sold by that part number in a lot.  We all want the best prices of anything we buy.  If you see any filters in my store that is not a Fleetguard filter that you need but has a higher price than any other filter you see in eBay, keep coming to the store.  Every month price drops at least $1.00 or up to $10.00 until it reaches $0.99.  If you see your item disappear from your watch list, come back to store.  Could mean price was lowered.   Also, if you see someone else selling a filter lower than mine that is listed as New Old Stock I will beat their price by 10%.  Just send a message you found one cheaper and I’ll find the listing. 

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