(CASE OF 6) B196 BALDWIN OIL FILTER LF670 Detroit Diesel, Cummins Engines a200

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These filters are a stocking item. Sometimes however our inventory can fall short. If needed, we will order directly from Baldwin and then send them to you. We put a extended shipping time to play it safe.  We receive orders in about 7-10 business days. Once received they will be sent to you next business day.

All cross numbers listed will spin on and seal.  If you need more exact crossovers such as size or micron ratings message me.  The crosses listed are only a guide if specifics don’t matter.  Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this filter is right for you.


We are a Baldwin and Fleetguard Filter distributor that purchases new filters directly from them.  We also purchase filter from stores going out of business or old inventory stores want to get rid of. These can be from any brand name that are purchased. Some filters may have OE boxes, seals, or plastic wrap missing. Some may even have slight dings or minor surface rust. I do throw away filters I would not recommend using. If any filter has any rust dings or something missing, I will inform you and show pictures. If I feel the filter will be ok to use, I will list them. We also purchase cases of brand-new Baldwin and Fleetguard filters to keep in stock under special pricing for our customers that wishes us to stock, as long as they are common filters that sell quickly. We also offer volume discounts on multiple cases of filters. If you control inventory for a shop and want to get ready for a new season, send us a message or contact us for a discount. In turn you will get the lowest prices anywhere. If you wish to purchase a case of filters you don’t see listed in our store most likely I can order these filters for you also. All Baldwin and Fleetguard filters are sold by the case unless smaller lots are shown. If you don’t need a full case message us and we may be able to sell individual quantities.  We all want the best prices of anything we buy. If you see any filters or parts in my store that have a higher price than other stores you see in online, send me a message.

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Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Baldwin
Part Number: B196
Style: Spin-On Lube Filter
Service: Lube
Media: Enhanced Cellulose
Height: 9.794 (249)*
Outer Diameter Top: 4.661 (118)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 1 1/2-12
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: None
Beta Ratio: 2/20=34/54
Burst Pressure-PSI: 340
Max Flow Rate: 28-30 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 30
( )* denotes metric

Gasket Diameters
               O.D.              I.D.             Thk.
Attached 4.320 (110)* 3.800 (97)* 0.365 (9)*

Principle Application
Detroit Diesel, Cummins Engines. For upgrade use B96-SS.

Interchange Part Numbers
B196 P551670 PF670 PF893 PF911 PF911H PF980 PM1315 A1670 27695 29461 604208 AML670 PL670 122041 ABPN10GLF670 4396645 43966456 70697634 74396645 25010971 KO1542 P550670 SFO0911 SFO2670 2005 2020 2155 2185 92970 SDF72 SP479 2900535000 180943 ABP3001573 53501139 25010495 220918 6002111230 6002111231 135E19189 30Z180443 31Z5180443 E6717 92970XD 92970XE 120198 541913 21701670 31701670 46095206 846095227 10701038 26 85970 85970MP 12187 1831113 700703331 3621380ML 545251C1 785F6714AA 785F6744AA E4HZ6731A P1350553 S1250553 S1350553 SFD012187 V31133 773899 2266552 3I0737 3I1201 3I1202 3I1216 8T3912 9Y4464 9Y4465 9Y4472 9Y4473 LFP670 LFP911 PH670 HO510 HO515 LFP680 PH670SC 24355 72550670 VO1805 961172 961516 1992248 M0961172 DO934 42828003 T081007 8779663 9779663 C160121044 R1021068610 AZL135 AZL418 LSF5162 2036 9350 298670 299670 331279 3302026 3307885 3310169 3312682 3313279 3313282 3313287 3313305 3889310 AR12990 S45619254 XLF1000 XLF4000 XLF6000 PM519 PMA519 65055105012B C3313279 WD399 988687 23518531 23518671 23530407 25013192 25014306 531102 531108 J8612670 P550911 65055105027 65055105026B 97100080P 1212622H1 545251C1 69008934 D2NP551670 5602720 7363465 135633 1356338 C299670 4054552 4084261 6229402 25010042 25010043 120002001 ML50300 4134896 4197896 4799645 FT5098 FT5233 FT5382 1930741 70463222 76191168 700703331 785F6714AA, 785F6744AA, LFR8670, PL3333, 975205210, 97339000002, 97342400208, 97520500176, 97607800151, 3A11009, 3A11539, Y02842403, Y02924203, Y02926604, Y02942403, Y03723102, 31133, 1582092, 1584209, 789F6144AA, 789F6714AA, 9576P551670, E4HZ6731B, E4HZ6731C, PH3612, 1505518, DNP551670, FO1314, GL911, 25010185, 25010854, 25010855, 25010856, GP53, GP670SCL, 960S, 9414100482, 2240133, G051811, Z208, Z236, FP432, LF262, LF272, LF272XS, LF412, LF432, LF432XS, P272, P432, HD0118, A15021, HDA15004, SO670, SO747, 448336, 4085913, CULF0003325, 8611127, 5330901, 35330901, 35357243, 52248135, 52261336, 59651265, 90769647, 91301150, 92048925, F06H70, IF4023, IF4023Q, 132402290, 86983463, RE21058, RE2158, RE42042, R37961D3, YE3313279, KL2005002, KL205002, KW670, 203690, 846095206, 279260, 127564, 76844073, 6002111290 6002111291 6216543120 6721514220 11212622H1 1212622H1 6002111231E BF0829 CU299670 CU3307885 CULF670 CULF734 VE8511 VJ8003 VS7283 VS7692 X6002111230 X6002111231 FB95 FB96 KFP6370 KFP670 KL200 L200 L200U L211 L211U 36010670 36010670 2537 4123627 VJ8003 VS7283 BBU6687 C3313279 CU299670 5602720 7363165 7363465 7369715 8779663 E780113237 3A11009 3A15999 AP3496 AP3496A AP3738 LK3496 LK3738 20186 LFP670 LFP670HE LFP670XL MH3335 MDL076 2191P551670 KFO0332228 KFO0332341 KFO03T2689 OC101 412194 W1184 W12106 W12110 W1294 MPL5252 MPL862 1055914M1 1055914M2 33100100 29214175 29221137 EFL141 FL319 FL319A FL759 FL804 FL804FP 3142945 1970 1970MP 04LF670 1212622H1 1665564C1 545251C1 P550911 P551670 NEO1670 NEOLF3380 NEOLF670 31133 86546625 700703331 785F6714AA 785F6744AA E4HZ6731A SFD012187 V31133 57402133 1220526 1220745 1220755 1220757 103849 103869 103882 945197 945197 1449526 7381019 5HA827 1046Z315 1046Z459 BC1137 FT050510 PMX467010 PMX491110 PXT491110 PER116 PER300 A116 A911 25010495 702762Y FH503V GP53M PB670 PB670DIE 00A12324089 S1350553 19500250 LS815 LS845 4301181 6697462 6719356 6934464 L50300 L50301 L60116 PER116 PER259 PER300 PER311 QS3375 QS3612 QS3612DIE 3313279 5000808716 5000822872 5001004323 RL670 LUS101 CU299670 HDZ240 Z240 C57012 C7005 991213279 D94101015 330560066 SP4290 SP4504 3315279 1216400521 12187 SFD012187 SFO1670 SFO2670 TAGPF911 6505510502 4026976 GPF911 PS270 PSL270 103849 103869 103882 945197 15267513 25013192 HDO2 T47161 773899 8T3912 411273 841127300 12706490 12706490 6954962 6960327 7105050 2340900 CU299670 915187 02FR00002A L670 688684 T081007 T081008 T081012 T081062 T081073 T081074 T081153 27160001 3133 31133 LF551670 6229402 12000200 120002001 E12000200 24355 3130931 6229402 12000200 79250015 120002001 172015004 991213279 M0961172 M12000200 DE6356 VJ8003 VS7283 VS7692 811328 811344 811366 172010002 303497526 51970 551970 51970MP WGL670 6954962 286592407L 2288131