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All cross numbers listed will spin on and seal.  If you need more exact crossovers such as size or micron ratings message me.  The crosses listed are only a guide if specifics don’t matter.  Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this filter is right for you.


We are a Baldwin and Fleetguard Filter distributor that purchases new filters directly from them.  We also purchase filters from stores going out of business or old inventory stores want to get rid of. If you wish to purchase any filters you don’t see listed in our store most likely I can order these filters for you. All Baldwin and Fleetguard filters are sold by the case unless smaller lots are shown. If you don’t need a full case message us and we may be able to sell lesser quantities.  We all want the best prices of anything we buy. If you see any new filters in the store that have a higher price than other stores you see in online, send me a message.

If there are any filters, we need to order, that does not have a message in bold above on supply issues you will be sent a personal text so leave a cell number as your contact.  If I have time, I will update you every week or two on progress or you can send me a text at 636-887-6799.

If you have a shop and those darn filters are just collecting dust. Send me a list of filters you have and how much you are asking and your location. I will look up part numbers you send to find the wholesale value and send an offer to you. The more presentable the filters are the more I can offer.

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Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Fleetguard
Part Number: LF3586
Style: Spin-On Lube Filter
Service: Lube
Type: Full Flow/By-Pass
Media: Enhanced Cellulose
Height: 8.661 (220)*
Outer Diameter Top: 4.921 (125)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 36X1.5 MM
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: None
Beta Ratio: 2/20/=6/20
Burst Pressure-PSI: 340
Max Flow Rate: 13-16 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 6
( )* denotes metric

Gasket Diameters
               O.D.              I.D.            Thk.
Attached 4.320 (110)* 3.820 (97)* 0.365 (9)*

Principle Application
Mitsubishi FK & FM & Nissan UD Series Trucks. Caterpillar Excavators & Lift Trucks.

Interchange Part Numbers

BD1403 ME074013 ME074235 ME130968 P552562 PH8910 51674 MO437 92674 437K 85674 1729662 14640037 14640053 LFR83586 Y05815105 LF450 T7319 1132401260 1878107450 130968 1527490225 2446R322D1 2451U3241 2451U3241D 2451U3431D VAME130968, D326, 25057, LFP2440, T5123, T7319, ME074013D, ME130960, 3122981, 1674, 15201EP025, 15201EP025A, 15201Z9009, 15201Z9013, 15201Z9014, FL201Z9009, L201Z9009, L55327, J8610013, P550247, Z371, C1007, C6105, C6106, O1525, B222100000551, SFO4013, SFO9009, 365776, C370, C309, O572, FL552562, LF552562, WGL3586, WGL9194, 993843, BF201Z9009, LO329K