LF3000 (CASE OF 6) FLEETGUARD OIL FILTER BD103 For Cummins Engines, Komatsu International a155

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(CASE OF 6) LF3000 FLEETGUARD OIL FILTER BD103 For Cummins Engines, Komatsu International a155

Technical Specifications

Brand: Fleetguard
Replaces: LF3639, LF3677
Product Style: Lube Filter
Technology: Filtration
Product Type: Dual-Flow Lube Spin-on
Thread Size: 2 1/4-12
Outside Diameter: 4.68"
Length: 11.88"
Gasket: Attached Gasket: [1] Attached
For Upgrade Use: LF9009
Micron Rating: 9.8 Nominal; 27 Absolute
Application: Cummins Engines
Compatible Competitor Part Number: Cummins 3318853; Baldwin BD103

Popular Cross References
BD103 P553000 PF1217 92748 85748 30003073 3I1265 LFP3000 PH6349A LF448 LF448XS LF515 4228688 4470720 42286881 71497005 2910550 2910965 AT193242 RE44647 76817573 6742012430 6742014120 3H1831 C8H0076 2191P553000 WP12121 WP12300 1077749M1 EFL381 FL819 1748 1294153H1 9703112 75285999 8900130271 L54519 L56019 15266844 15274299 12969457 991218853 303509517 51748 84465096 84485647 8900126397 2266551 10027047 3318853 711049 72501533 HPH6349AFP ABPN10GLF3000 PF1217 15067 A3000 711049 AG711049 72501533 SFO3001 SDF74 4962810 SP577 1310032243 2653161527 5580006641 9772040030 180654 A4027536 E6726 92748MP 92748XD 9P909707 31701002 31780003 921214022 0986AF0039 JC039 86029144 85748 85748MP 84465096 007101T1 3621379M1 366700A1 441703A1 907101T1 B2750548 E8HZ6731A 54429 55429 JLX350A VO1801 VO1807 LSF5065 2135 3401544 3825970 XLF7000 XLF75000 47400023 247190148 65055105023 1288430 350030 531107 1290006H1 1294153H91 902039 5608835 1355360 1355361 E12969457 76194691 ZP51 53C0053 LFR83000 LFR83000TP LFR83639 LFR89009 NL300 97520500210 9576P553000 BG2X6731CA E9PJ6714AA F8HZ6731A C3401544A0571A D1700240 DNP553000 3381644H1 22222 GP3000 GP3000L GP3001 9038S Z239 15162 A15007 HDA15007 H300W03 H300W07 ZZ11068 SO3000 E0A000080 L4228688 1476559 11E170130 11NA70110 04LF3000 04LF9009 22177737 35378546 53161527 57165763 57752990 F03000H 02910550A  YE3318853 YELF3000 YN50VU0001D5 6742014540 1295224H1 21M0111510 CU3318853, CU3825970, CULF3000, CULF9009, FBD103, 6D300U, D300, D300MO, D300U, D330, C3318853, 851011975, 25081, 0C304, KFO03T2690, OC304, 4136530, MPL5929, 707154A1, 23160167, 1748MP, 8962110113, L441703A1, NP441703A1, 1220828, 1487676, 8482339, PERI332, AD3000, 19500489, 6935219, PER4519, RL332, J8613000, J8619009, P553639, RL3000, LUS8853, HDZ374, C57061, C5707, 11712405, 9991218853, F318853, B222100000063, 330560035, SF4692, SP4540, SP4692, 1216400541, 1216400561, 1216400591, 88291001891, SFO3000, 4026996, PSL300, HDO7, D300TJ, F428395, 2341100, 688744, T081044, V9703112, LF553000, XL553000, 3130934, M12969457, V1113896, 811385, 303506517, 195743, 551748, WGL9099, WGL9199