(CASE OF 12) BT237 BALDWIN OIL FILTER LF699 Carrier Case Caterpillar JCB Massey-Ferguson a035

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All cross numbers listed will spin on and seal. If you need more exact crossovers such as size and micron ratings message me. The crosses listed are only a guide if specifics doesn't matter. Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this filter is right for you.


We are a Baldwin and Fleetguard Filter distributor that purchases new filters directly from them.  We also purchase filter from stores going out of business or old inventory stores want to get rid of. These can be from any brand name that are purchased. Some filters may have OE boxes, seals, or plastic wrap missing. Some may even have slight dings or minor surface rust. I do throw away filters I would not recommend using. If any filter has any rust dings or something missing, I will inform you and show pictures. If I feel the filter will be ok to use, I will list them. We also purchase cases of brand-new Baldwin and Fleetguard filters to keep in stock under special pricing for our customers that wishes us to stock, as long as they are common filters that sell quickly. We also offer volume discounts on multiple cases of filters. If you control inventory for a shop and want to get ready for a new season, send us a message or contact us for a discount. In turn you will get the lowest prices anywhere. If you wish to purchase a case of filters you don’t see listed in our store most likely I can order these filters for you also. All Baldwin and Fleetguard filters are sold by the case unless smaller lots are shown. If you don’t need a full case message us and we may be able to sell individual quantities.  We all want the best prices of anything we buy. If you see any filters or parts in my store that have a higher price than other stores you see in online, send me a message.

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(CASE OF 12) BT237 BALDWIN OIL FILTER LF699 Carrier Case Caterpillar JCB Massey-Ferguson a035

Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Baldwin
Part Number: BT237
Style: Spin-On Lube Filter
Service: Lube
Type: Full Flow
Media: Cellulose
Height: 7.01 (178)*
Outer Diameter Top: 3.694 (94)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 3/4-16
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: 7-9
Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes
Beta Ratio: 2/20=21/38
Burst Pressure-PSI: 310
Max Flow Rate: 7-9 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 25
( )* denotes metric

Gasket Diameters
               O.D.            I.D.            Thk.
Attached 2.834 (72)* 2.462 (63)* 0.200 (5)*

Interchange Part Numbers:
BT217 BT237 P554407 PF42 PF881 92459 85459 PH229 LF426 LF434 LF496 2100073 2100284 20301K1360 PK2654407 LFP2292 LFP299 W9505 W9507 W96280 1447031M91 3621142M1 3621289M1 881446M91 EFL136 EFL137 EFL152 FL299 FL299FP FL405 1459 505062 8004841 865466616 L37247 L40107 P300032300 119980084 661259820 303167844 312752257 51459 524136754 PH977A 2654347 960698N 3214797R1 2409393 7W2326 3000323 300032300 2654407 ABPN10GLF699 BF881 PC247 X17 PL697 PL699 SP826 SP827 ABPN10GLF699 ABPN10GLF787 72093963 92773 M00173 O931805 SP416 201859 ABP3001686 VS603011 VST603011 A4023849 B7467 BT251 3618545 E6876 450203010 451203010 2003H P3010 2654401 AZL008 Z45 308 616 640 24746018 86810 601 WD601 350088 DXT17US 155955 431088 EP056036 7016355 977 L977 901103 FT4805 1901603 83963907 ZP540 FF504EC FUP402 LF787ITE LFR8699 Y03739205 1565204 1827183 3918040 3947505 5004775 5004776 5019424 5019425 75PF6714AA 9576P550299 A780X6714CA A780X6714DA D2NN6714B D2NN6714C D3HF6714AA E4NN6714AB EANN6714BA PH977 79756 476954 CLH553 GP22M 930S 969S Z54A 219900036 S837 S870 900045 59800002 H19W04 SO242 SZO242 2700192 2700190 251755 1327905 3000870 25175512 132790512 300087012 58753831 88111240 92092196 F06H99 740911 21000073 02100073A 02100284A 2100073A 8006013 9213500004 PFC257009 KL509 AW144 AW19 AW51 OC29 OC42 3654407 2654407 20301K1360 PK2654407 KL45 L141 L245 8592468 3541580M1 AHM2007 AMN2007 219900036 3542229044 53C0324 AP1171 AP3209A AP84202A LK1171 25168 739540 13505773 LFP2292 LFP299 PH299 MH318 MH3190 MH319O OC105 OC29 OC42 86055006005 86779030378 476954 W9505 W9507 W96280 W9628O 308 1447031 2654347 2654400 2654401 2654407 26540347 1034065M91 1034065M92 1446675M91 144667M91 1447031M1 1447031M2 1447031M91 3621142M1 3621289M1 881446M91 DK84 701899A1 MC3214797R1 PHM977 12315600 MT17US 30758010 L312 L54 VFL137 EFL136 EFL137 EFL152 FL299 FL299FP FL405 1459 1701 3214797R1 505062 8004841 865466616 730341 2654407 BC1043 103855 1448078 BC1187 R17 AR17 740911 740912 102632 901103 2564401 2654347 2654400 2654401 2654407 3000323 26540118 26540347 T64102001 PL295 P459 29934 35360 LS154 LS154A LS774 L37247 L40107 QS977A 3563603 3563603 3653591 75065702 6005019738 6005019747 J8610407 P550237 552652301 LUS29 Z54A 4031960020 C5102 1541281002 92824217 330560146 CV336 CV408T SFO4407 75065703 4026111 FB5401 PS561 PS675 PSL675 R240 OK85 2654407 T00224 P300032300 3000323 300032300 F003042 2240060 5C1791 2654407 8448046601 7105140 2315600 2315601 GFE184 OF1773 800007251 807201350 4115066 41150066A AH1101801 LF554407 661258 6612598 61115561 3976603 6612598 11998008 39766036 66125980 119980084 661259820 PH299 111346 730341 2654407 303167844 312752257 155618A W155618A 51459 51701 WGL977 524136754

Principle Application:
Bussing, Case, Caterpillar, Iveco, Massey-Ferguson, & Perkins Engines