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All cross numbers listed will spin on and seal.  If you need more exact crossovers such as size or micron ratings message me.  The crosses listed are only a guide if specifics don’t matter.  Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this filter is right for you.


We are a Baldwin and Fleetguard Filter distributor that purchases new filters directly from them.  We also purchase filters from stores going out of business or old inventory stores want to get rid of. If you wish to purchase any filters you don’t see listed in our store most likely I can order these filters for you. All Baldwin and Fleetguard filters are sold by the case unless smaller lots are shown. If you don’t need a full case message us and we may be able to sell lesser quantities.  We all want the best prices of anything we buy. If you see any new filters in the store that have a higher price than other stores you see in online, send me a message.

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No Returns offered if the part is not correct without contacting us first before order is made with the part number you need.  The cross-reference numbers listed are only as a guide.  Any charts you see online may not be 100% correct.  Some manufactures use the same part numbers but may be a different part.  We will confirm that this part will work for you when you contact us.


Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Baldwin
Part Number: B233
Style: Spin-On Lube Filter
Service: Lube
Type: Full Flow
Media: Enhanced Cellulose
Height: 4.224 (107.29)*
Outer Diameter Seam: 3.787 (96.19)*
Outer Diameter Top: 3.668 (93.17)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 3/4-16
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: 8-11
Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes
Beta Ratio: 2/20=6/20
Burst Pressure-PSI: 275
Max Flow Rate: 7-9 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 30
( )* denotes metric

Gasket Diameters
                O.D.              I.D.                  Thk.
Attached 2.85 (72.39)* 2.462 (62.53)* 0.200 (5)*

Principle Application
Agco Tractors, Chrysler (70-91), Ford/Mercury (83-97), Kubota Engines, Land Rover (95-04), Toyota (68-90). Is A Shorter Version of B2.

Interchange Part Numbers

B233 3549957 C5ZZ6731A HE400000415 LF3501 P552518 PH43 51068 AP45800A PF20 PF2132 PF2191 PH16 72217092 722170925 PL689 AL9 MD107 SP816 SP836 SP846 SP888 ABPN10GLF689 1650954 41356000 ABH43 6439119 MO16 OF2015 R854897099 SFO4670 847 3847 92068 92410 ASF96 EAO96 SDF96 APH43 130K TO130 TO131 M44 10301068 2900649000 FE151 FE160 FE47 FE55 CF16AP B232 V233F 3847 92068 92410 KF16 M6675517 451001150 451103011 451103022 451103029 451103040 451103044 451103136 451103166 451103167 451103903 986452003 O219 O231 OB1026 P1150 P2003 P3029 P3136 P3166 P3167 B81 103943 C81 OF43 OF81 85068 85362 85068MP 40111834 1336188C1 A720X6714MA E38874 CF16 3I1136 3I1261 9Y4506 E38874 CO396 3108000 3108002 3174002 3174004 C130 OF04 PH232 PH2832 3549957 3685741 4417559 4417560 75221481 L1008 L19 L19V L19X X3549957 C81 3974896 3974896B PO16 CN43 P321 PL513A AZL047 LSF5022 353 529 548 PM5 PM7 1560025010 396 496 WD396 WD496 D430 29353002 DX103US 3549957 M6675517 CN43 150011600 L20081 69008946 6201041066 E81 SL20081 6439119 MO16 OF2015 R854897099 SFO4670 EX14640058 43 OF43 FER81 11464497 LF196F FT4512 FT4674 FT4771 FT4826 4135600 A720X6714MA FF219EC FF235EC FF387EC UK529 TF43 LF16210 LF3341 LFR83341 LFR83501 LFR8689 PL689 1482151 1508831 1515160 5000185 5001248 5002230 5008677 11464467 11464497 11464498 11525472 70HM6714AA 78HM6714AA 9576P552518 A690X6731CA A720X6714MA C5776731A C5ZZ6731A D1RY6731A D4ZZ6731B E7NN6714DA E8HZ4A420A DG43 P961PL PF43 PH2899 PH43FP PH48 PH5443 XG43 DNP552518 FO1011 FO1025 121965 CLH303 CLH80 CLH85 GP16M GP9 GP9M 2224506 P321 P5 12722 12722PI GM20081 GM43 901S 919S V81 Z85 GF208 S803 S808 196 LF196 T196 T20 H10W H10W11 H12W01 H13W H24W03 E405001 E4050O1 400000415 SO689 1552132430 SF17 SF81 3000058 300005812 A0211002 A0261001 OF105 04LF3501 04LF689 83171 13240000 350993 AM35176 AM37025 TY9427 K5 AW39 AW46 OC123 OC57 HE400000407 HE400000415 L16 L24S L42 L67 1552132430 1552132431 7052417 7052420 ELH4088 ELH4092 ELHA4070 ELHA4072 LER18 LER81 LER18 LER81 LF16 LF16HP LF2832HP LF16HP MBU1013 AP45800A LP16 LFP16 LFP2820 PH16 PH232 PH2820 PH2832 MH330 MH363 MH388 MH388X 5557147R91 AW39C10 AW46C10 AW6 AW67 FO354 FO373 OC123 OC261 OC57 6750259236 W9161 W920110 W920150 W92099 W9231 W924 W9308 W93599 WF916 WF9161 1041429M1 DK85 MOF43 48495 3280V8394 A3380W1687 F16 PHM17 PHM43 M81 M81SP MO43 MC10863 MA103US MOF81 30738029 30738162 F3549957 L1008 L19 L19V L325 L523 EFL12 EFL37 EFL39 EFL54 FL173 FL173A FL200 FL228 FL269 FL300 FL5 42533721 1068 1362 21068 202150 1336188C1 1665311C1 3136459R91 85124B 86546617 A720X6714MA 1220810 7976051 103943 BC1028 BC1048 BC1053 BC1105 BC1131 A20 15707 61068 753497 PZ34 PZ7 FH129V GL244Z PL396 PO81 21115351 LER81 SL20081 249999007 PGO81 TEC104 PH81 PO43 LS130 678078 L10017 L20081 PC23 PC234 PER17 PER58 PER81 PER8100 PER81M PL20081 TB0816 QS16 QS43 8548079 1111501 1119809 61068 MBU1013 Z100 834930 C11025 C6603 69008946 92802417 92818817 92822117 800334 880334 880434 45074 45176 45184 SO81 OF81 SP4340 S21 SH20 CV325 11464497 S016 O6 SFO0430 4026112 2080101211 2080101211A OC123 OC57 FB2075 PSL141 PSL902 R60 R63 103943 T20 T21 T35 TFC506 T55339 33023 740663 1150100290 1150100520 1560020550 1560144011 4015030370 40150030370 2312702 PF13 GFE114 GFE146 MBU1013 688728 T081065 PF13 DF4 VO57 VO6 LF552518 418719 1119324 85114084 811381 811381 811493 PH16 S293CP 10R1327 V1119324 WPF20 CA415 51068 51362 512518 51068MP WGL3341 WGL689 W27306 W27307 W27316 W27318 W27360 W27394 W27399 150011600 519454800 519458400 904788100 907172400 PF1093 PF1180 PF20 PF20K 71650954 ABH43 ASF96 EAO40 EAO96 6009 A0F50 A0F81 M62 61851068 61851521 143 FE130 FE151 2521 A7 AOF81 B120 B246 B7022 B7047 0418100 92068 92521 92647 12H3274 GFE114 GFE121 72137WS B17 B81 BF2167 496510 BBO81 BBO8100 C2167 C81 1717340 1718690 IOF3651 IOF43 85068 85521 85647 1336188C1 E38874 F38874 CF16 CF3651A CAS16 CO2830 CO396 PH253 OF04 3549957 3685741 X3549957 T081065 208 DL43 FX1011 WD396 WD442 D430 P552518 CN43 L20081 E2167 E81 43 OF3651 OF43 TF43 C16 C2844 C43 LF16210 LF3330 LF3377 LF3378 LF3682 LFR83501 LFR8689 D4ZZ6731B D5ZZ6731A E7NN6714DA HP1 HP3 FPP43 FP43 R1085 121965 25013075 6436749 6438121 6439119 6439143 V1119324 14241 GP9 GP9M 2224506 L43 PH2830 039306 39306 GM20081 GM43 V18 V81 GF208 LF196 LF470 LF520 T196 T20 TFC504 1002 1012TF 7724008 SF81 A0201005 A0220004 A0220009 A0261001 A0261008 OF105 OF40 OF50 OF55 OF95 1665311C1 1685141C1 AL43 41008 41069 41073 41099 132011 1110504 1110509 1119800 1110504 1110509 HL43 JL17 JL2167 JL81 L10017 L20081 L22167 TY9427 K5 KM43 K20 K33 K9 MP20 MP33 MP9 L16 1552132430 1723132430 21011012005 L111198 L111236 LF16 LF2830 LF2830HP PH253 F5534 F55341 F658 F6585 5557147R91 OC63 129010 W11301 W11302 W920 W92055 W9207 W92098 W92099 W930 W93020 MO43 PH2830 MOF3651A MOF43 F16 MGL16 MGL51068 M81 MO16 PH228 MO2167 MO4670 MO81 M1204 M1204A FP103 L1008 L19 2411 4310 605411880003 1068 1521 1614 1647 31068 85124B WPF20 501547 503202 1520805D01 1520880W00 15208W1103 15208W1116 15208W3401 BF20805D02 FL20805D01 OF660 OF745 OF750 OF854 OF950 1220893 PH253 PZ7 PLB43 PO7 PO1521 PO81 SL10017 SL20081 SL22167 SL30001 OF104 OF109 PGO81 104 158 Q81 PO43 PO4670 PL22167 LS186 L20081 L22167 PL22167 QS16 QS43 QF16 48045B 61068 61521 3280V8394 311511 107 45074 45176 45194 SO81 L1068 L1521 8104 OF2167 OF81 M81 SH20 SH35 SH504 OS43 21068 21521 1650954 S16 O6 ST16 FB2059 SF2830 SF81 10100002 1560122010 FB2059 TG43 PH2830 XG43 299927 PF19A 3847 4847 V2068 VO36 VO44 VO45 VO6 VO95 VO95BP 1000314 1000991 1050991 43 LO424K WF20 WS43 PH253 7458037 7459175 V1119324 51068 51307 51521 WP43