(CASE OF 12) LF3349 FLEETGUARD OIL FILTER BT339 Dodge w/ 5.9L 6.7L Cummins Diesel a071

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All cross numbers listed will spin on and seal.  If you need more exact crossovers such as size or micron ratings message me.  The crosses listed are only a guide if specifics don’t matter.  Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this filter is right for you.


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(CASE OF 12) LF3349 FLEETGUARD OIL FILTER BT339 Dodge w/ 5.9L 6.7L Cummins Diesel a071

Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Fleetguard
Part Number: LF3349
Style: Spin-On Fuel Filter
Service: Fuel
Media: Cellulose
Height: 7.452” (189mm)*
Outer Diameter Top: 3.775” (96mm)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 1-14
Burst Pressure-PSI: 225
Max Flow Rate: 12-15 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 10
( )* denotes metric

Interchange Part Numbers
P558615 51607 LF3552 W95018 PH3976A 1607 PF1070 PH3976 51604 LF408 L44422 BK6479 FL896 J903264 W950/18 SP865 3903264 J934430 J937743 J937345 CBU1124 CBU2676 76192087 6735515140 3914395 3932217 J932217 J908615 LFP780 BT339 MO5335 M1403 PER4422 OF4422 PF1070F X128 608990 72501532 ABPN10GLF3552 OC23060 SFO3349 92604 92607 EAO80 SDF80 SP541 M77 180410 FE302 CF508AP 1831114 E6787 92607MP 538243 8606015 30003065 0986AF0038 JC038 85607 85607MP J9334430  J973743 3I1376 CO780 36844 VO1804 3903269 4429395 4429615 4746914 4761277 05083285AA 5011844M 5016547AA 5016547AB 5016547AC 508325AA 5083285AA 5093092AA 913554 1992368B AZL799 2069 10521 3865405 3890708 3890710 3903964 3905615 3908615 3932218 3934430 3937145 3937146 3937147 3937148 3937211 3937345 3937695 3937743 3947813 3949561 4063262 47100093 991290710 65055105028A 490196 D651 350039 531110 1012N010 65055105028 1240388H1 212396 4614877 2011078 LF408F LF508 FT5390 151831112 ZP520 53C0054 LFR83349 9576P558615 E3HZ6731C F3HZ6731A F3HZ6731B F3HZ6731C F3HZ9601C PH3976AFP PH3976FP 1417927000 DNP558615 77383201 83674112 GM44422 9000S V5335 9414100813 LF608 HD0440 T40 T47 SO3349 LF3806 161625 1240621H1 1240621HL 11E170120 11E170140 13254255 20163143 35387489 57150864 2910140 2910970 332Y3268 K39 YN50VU0001D1 207838 67355143 6735515141 6735515142 6735615142 6735616140 6736515140 6736515141 1240338H1 1240388H1 1240621H1 61351514T 67351514O CU3908615 CULF3349 L249 L7620 Q5335 L01499247 L01499427 LF780 LF780HP CBU1124 3A17346 53C0054 53C0214 SP105061 SP105821 LFP780 LFP780XL MDL087 2191P558615 KFO0332513 KFO0332639 W95016 W95018 MPL5268 1072417M1 J903264 MCJ908615 23160116 M4422 MO3976 MO5335 4429395 4429615 4746914 5083285AA MO285 29215473 FL896 1607 1607MP 1240388H1 76192087 76195115 86597476 151831114 8606015 1870014 1499427 1046Z572 BC1233 Y05998803 PERI333 A339 61607 758245 PZ47 PO1607 WO1607 SL45335 19500861 PH5335 PO3976A PO5335 6938155 L44422 L45335 PER4422 QS3976 QS45335 J8610349 LUS8615 C5704 3908615 991208615 B222100000156 330560074 LFP780 OF4422 SP4520 SP4665 S67 SH47 SFO3349 4026942 PS280 PSL280 704970123 L6150509 HSO138 T40 L00687 414572 8414572 F058309 12701950 12701950 4614877 689032 T171056 12968480 81035900 M12968480 L780 VO64 VPD5045 LF558615 36844 15155622 85114086 991208615 991290710 811480 LFP780 WLFP780 303455696 312765207 312801797 51607 551607 51607MP WGL3349 WGL3935 4614877 22855734 PF1070 PF1070F ABPN10GLF3552 ASF80 EAO80 SDF80 AL3976A FE302 FE334 92607 3520 OF3976 85607 R84620 R84620MP J903264 J908615 J932217 CF608 3I1376 CO780 CPH3976A LFP780 LFP780XL 41607T COS3976A 36844 05083285AA 4429395 4429615 4761277 5016547AA 5016547AB 5016547AC 5083285AA 5093092AA 12968480 T171056 2069 3903264 3903964 3908615 3914395 3932217 3937145 3937146 3937147 3937211 3937695 3937743 3937763 3947813 3949561 3977910 4378319 DL3976A D651 65055105028A DW5335 LFP780 LFR83349 PH3976AAZ F3HZ6731A F3HZ6731B F3HZ6731C FPP3976A 1507032 R1607 25011997 LFP780 V5335 B7181 LF508 LF508F LF608 LF608F T40 1240388H1 35387489 AL3976A 02910140 2910970 HL3976 L44422 TY22013 HP4003 PS4003 K39 K42 YN50VU0001DA 6735515140 6735515141 6735515143 6736515141 6736515142 L249 300046300 LFP780 OC1001 ML1023 W95018 W95021 MGL3976A MGL57620 M4422 MO3976 MO5335 M1403 M1403A MO285 MPH3976A FL896 1607 27620 1870014 61607 PZ47 PZ47BP PLB3976A PO47 WO1607 PSL42 POF5335 Q5335 PH5335 PO5335 PL45335 L44422 L45335 PBL45335 PL45335 QS3976 QS45335 RTO47 OF4422 M5335 SH47 S3976 S3976XL S3976ML ST3976A 414572 841457200 TG3976A 4614877 XG3976A OF1607 L780 VO64 15155622 3946298 303455696 51607

Principle Application
Dodge Pickups w/ 5.9L Cummins Diesel, "B" Series Eng. (03-10), 6.7L Cummins Diesel (08-11), Ram 2500/4500 (11-16) (High Efficiency Version is LF16035 Fleetguard)