BT839-10 (CASE OF 12) BALDWIN HYDRAULIC FILTER HF6510 Bobcat Toro Vermeer a163

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Technical Specifications

  • Product Type: Hydraulic Spin-on
  • Notes: Can be used with OB1317, OB1318, OB1319, OB1320 bases.
  • Thread Size: 1-12
  • Outside Diameter: 3 11/16 (93.7)
  • Length: 5 13/32 (137.3)
  • Gasket: Integral Gasket: G401
  • Related To: BT452 (with By-Pass Valve);BT8420 (Stainless Steel Mesh Version);BT8428-MPG (Maximum Performance Glass Version)
  • Micron Rating: 12 Nominal; 30 Absolute
  • Application: Bobcat, Ford, Toro, Vermeer, Versatile Equipment; Cross, Gresen, Michigan Fluid Power Hydraulic Systems
  • Compatible Competitor Part Number: Cross 1A9023; Gresen 8057000; Michigan Fluid Power 201026
  • Brand: Baldwin

Interchange Part Number

BT83910 1A9023 8057000 201026 P551551 P1653A 1551 2400 AP3232 PF16 501771D1 73492 700266 773492 921999 71321111 WR12448 ABPN10GHF6056 1321111 2532042 72532042 35330007 S28 92551 737AD2 BT9465 92551MP 6515541 6634505 1A9162 6651015 CFRS351012P RSE3010 RSE3010N 104006 85551 85552 85551MP 217307 311647 733592 127681061 1276810C1 201021C1 829528C1 829528G1 CSG50P25A H217307 H311647 K22001 S62427 665934 773492 3I1244 9Y4518 LFP51 PH1551 51PS3072 70134 70548 6415541 29185001 57562 K0054436 902200 1000000 P1551 HSM6013 7514 1A9021 1A902110 F11BA F11CA 885249 A250106 WD277 WD382 WD451 155910 DMS04AN 16823 201729 H4104004 S28MPG, S29, 1044167, 801079, 922977, 64102494, D2NP551551, 71052, 1027460, 7071052, 39083, 20101, FA3510, 93220010, 7048399, 3700733592, UK7514, A110C109, HF28922, HF6056, HF6058, HF6121, HF6505, HF6520, HF7608, ST6065, HFR828922, HFR86056, HFR86058, HFR86121, HFR86510, HFR86520, LFR8706, 1124, H370610M192, 3A11556, HHF0004, F365310C, 591689, 9576P551551, C5NN6708A, ERK39083, ERK39D83, FPE3010N, CA201CD1, P1633A, P1653, P16534AGL, P16534AGR, P1653A1, P1653V15A, P1653VI5A, P1654V51A, P1654V52A, P1654V53A, P1654V54A, P3509, P7037, DNP551551, 2116128, 48959, 61511, 1551001, 1551002, 8066000, 8066001, F101, FA101, FB101, K22001A, K22006, HS7514, Z117, HF731, P731, SH56106, HP76L410CB, HP76L412MB, 0080MA010P, 80MA010P, BLG8010BN, MF80, MFE80102, MFE8010BN2, 180595, 3014059, 38480653, 38480687, 38490249, 59480673, 59764498, H7077, IF6005, 73052006, 549597, 150272, 1049852, 2120158, 7041786, 651000, AE33293, AM107481, AN202482, AT252815, GG17032346, GG1732346, N222556, 1228372, 12283372, 100501337, 1228337020, LT4046101, 4915347, HC6, PB5556, L202, 7005001132, CP75210, SPE1510, CP75210, SPE1510, APH3232A, LK3232, 25102, LFP1652, 2191P551551, 661954, 1033356M1, 103356M1, BR2126, H4104001, SAF20, SAF28, CSG50P25, L318, 26838060, 26838071, FH10, 513783, 1111, CSG050P10A, CSG50A10A, CSG50P10A, CSG50P10AN, 17032346, 1331008, 506829500, 1552, 1551MP, 10102005, 80591689, 86546624, 929324, 934323, 12AT10C, 92502325C, 925023B, 925516B, HC3510, HH07503, PER20, PL451, 766490, 249999023, FA10 F4E030CCB 6665981 H32010 PER20 PER20MIC10 PER59 QS1653 QS1653A 885249 H5014 6005019553 J8611630 P562198 493309 25050901 52050901 F018788 Z150273L RIFEA0810 Z136 64102494 92821017 76251 LF3580 P10 ST6065 ST6510 SPH18071 108628 108628AB 5080025 SF6520 270622 44773 SFH2630 20122051 64102494 2126 2126A HC6 PS26056 PSH140 PSH26056 1000000 52582 55740 931726 931726B 54770 8724 9Y4518 239470 353387 540110 1079531 13170240 665934 A665934 UCUS150010 UCUS1500410 US1500410 ESF11NCC 15008727 15008727 688672 T171058 FO40510SP 2683001 26830001 AE10 K22001 RSE3010 2854 20932 SW2854 HF551551 ST551551 E0121B1P10 26417 51551 51552 51551MP CW1551MP CW1551P WGH6056 WGH6121 WGH6510 502903501 900770802 AE10