FF42000 (CASE OF 12) FLEETGUARD FUEL FILTER BF788 Case, Deutz, Volvo a130

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(CASE OF 12) FF42000 FLEETGUARD FUEL FILTER BF788 Case, Deutz, Volvo a130

Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Fleetguard
Part Number: FF42000
Style: Spin-On Fuel Filter
Service: Fuel
Type: Full Flow
Media: Cellulose
Height: 116.26 mm (4.577 in)
Outer Diameter Top: 82.3 mm (3.24 in)
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 16X1.5 MM
Burst Pressure-PSI: 300
Nominal Micron Rating: 20
( )* denotes metric

Gasket Diameters
                 O.D.                             I.D.
Attached 71.45 mm (2.813 in) 64.01 mm (2.52 in)

Principle Application
Various Case, Deutz, Volvo Applications w/Cummins Engines.

Interchange Part Numbers
3358 33358 J903640 3903640 P553004 P4102A 33777 3931065 4990879 25011214 Q1H4117, 5000814227, 243004, 36845, TP961, XD25, 1174423, 312795397, 835331343V, SP821, SP871, ABPN10GFF5018, 61142392, 61142397, 61674455, 99100083, F10137, FC30010, FI18280, SFF0723, SFS9195, 2069, 95195, 95358, 95358MP, 1992367, 5711729, 5711730, 5712817, 6711730, 50588, 150526, 150564, 150588, 823684, 1821124, 1829101, 8888682, 3032750R1, 3374810R1, 82PF9N327AA, A774702, A780X9150AA, E097454, E5HN9N327A, G0150526, G0150564, G0150588, G150564, GO150564, P105564, P150564, V37545, 814662, 3I1266, 5W3394, 9Y4516, 1160243, 4111378, 61804301, 1992367B, 100004745, 159334, 195813, FF4013, FF5018, FF5074, FF5074CS, FF5167, FFR84013, FFR85018, FFR85074, FFR85167, 832A, FF832, 40120300, 466987, 1930820, 151821124, F0122940, F0122949, L01930820, 385951, 35292366, 38480158, 38480166, 38494993, 38495099, 38495156, 51056604, 57743916, 59728188, 85401636, 91605196, RM35292366, CX7085, 2339010020, YN50VU0001D3, 207839, 31780205, 84608016, 846080161, 5500274, 11481186, 20609140, 5411316410, 6732716111, 6732716320, FP585F, FP586F, FP586FE, 2191P553004, AW12, AW7, AWK12, AWK121, AWK154, AWK7, KC113, KC24, KC6, WK723, WK7231, WK7266, WK731, WK733, 922783, 2862361, 194932159, 1057951M1, 1076749M1, 1871513M2, 2862361M1, 286236M1, 2871513M1, 2871513M2, 3871513M1, 656501C0, V835362570, EFG25, FD68, FG68, 161624, 3032750, 276515, 283119, 73180723, 1870015, 26569054, T64101003, F53125, F57042, F57336, INF264, RC344, Z354, Z75, 15047001, 4795772