BF988 (CASE OF 12) BALDWIN FUEL FILTER FF5018 Volvo Engines a468

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Technical Specifications

  • Product Type: Fuel Spin-on
  • Thread Size: M16 x 1.5
  • Outside Diameter: 3 1/32 (77.0)
  • Length: 4 27/32 (123.0)
  • Gasket: Integral Gasket: G449-B
  • Related To: BF1221 (Fuel/Water Separator Version)
  • Micron Rating: 4 Nominal; 20 Absolute
  • Application: Deutz, Volvo Engines; R.V.I. Trucks
  • Compatible Competitor Part Number: Bosch 1-457-434-062; Deutz 1180597; Volvo 4669875
  • Brand: Baldwin

Interchange Part Numbers
3358 33358 J903640 3903640 P553004 P4102A 33777 3931065 4990879 25011214 Q1H4117, 5000814227, 243004, 36845, TP961, XD25, 1174423, 312795397, 835331343V, SP821, SP871, ABPN10GFF5018, 61142392, 61142397, 61674455, 99100083, F10137, FC30010, FI18280, SFF0723, SFS9195, 2069, 95195, 95358, 95358MP, 1992367, 5711729, 5711730, 5712817, 6711730, 50588, 150526, 150564, 150588, 823684, 1821124, 1829101, 8888682, 3032750R1, 3374810R1, 82PF9N327AA, A774702, A780X9150AA, E097454, E5HN9N327A, G0150526, G0150564, G0150588, G150564, GO150564, P105564, P150564, V37545, 814662, 3I1266, 5W3394, 9Y4516, 1160243, 4111378, 61804301, 1992367B, 100004745, 159334, 195813, FF4013, FF5018, FF5074, FF5074CS, FF5167, FFR84013, FFR85018, FFR85074, FFR85167, 832A, FF832, 40120300, 466987, 1930820, 151821124, F0122940, F0122949, L01930820, 385951, 1160243 35292366 38480158 38480166 38494993 38495099 38495156 51056604 57743916 59728188 85401636 91605196 RM35292366 CX7085 2339010020 YN50VU0001D3 207839 5711729 5711730 31780205 84608016 846080161 5500274 11481186 20609140 5411316410 6732716111 6732716320 FP585F FP586F FP586FE 2191P553004 AW12 AW7 AWK12 AWK121 AWK154 AWK7 KC113 KC24 KC6 5500274 11481186 WK723 WK7231 WK7266 WK731 WK733 922783 2862361 194932159 1057951M1 1076749M1 1871513M2 2862361M1 286236M1 2871513M1 2871513M2 3871513M1 656501C0 V835362570 E097454 V37545 EFG25 FD68 FG68 161624 3032750 3032750R1 3374810R1 276515 283119 823684 73180723 82PF9N327AA A780X9150AA E5HN9N327A 1870015 26569054 T64101003 F53125 F57042 F57336 INF264 RC344 Z354 Z75 15047001 Q1H4117 4795772