(4 PACK) AD27750 FLEETGUARD AIR DRYER BA5374 Freightliner International Kenworth a284

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These filters are not monitored on their inventory counts.  The listing will show a current inventory count of one so your able to make a purchase.  Once purchased we will contact you if our current inventory is out of stock.  If not in inventory we will purchase these filters either from Baldwin or Fleetguard depending on what brand you’re wanting.  When filters are ordered it takes around 2 weeks to get them and then we will send these to you the next day.  Baldwin orders go out on Wednesdays and Fleetguard goes out on Thursday.

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All cross numbers listed will spin on and seal.  If you need more exact crossovers such as size or micron ratings message me.  The crosses listed are only a guide if specifics don’t matter.  Use the pictures shown as a help in determining if this filter is right for you.


We are a Baldwin and Fleetguard Filter distributor that purchases new filters directly from them.  We also purchase filter from stores going out of business or old inventory stores want to get rid of. These can be from any brand name that are purchased. Some filters may have OE boxes, seals, or plastic wrap missing. Some may even have slight dings or minor surface rust. I do throw away filters I would not recommend using. If any filter has any rust dings or something missing, I will inform you and show pictures. If I feel the filter will be ok to use, I will list them. We also purchase cases of brand-new Baldwin and Fleetguard filters to keep in stock under special pricing for our customers that wishes us to stock, as long as they are common filters that sell quickly. We also offer volume discounts on multiple cases of filters. If you control inventory for a shop and want to get ready for a new season, send us a message or contact us for a discount. In turn you will get the lowest prices anywhere. If you wish to purchase a case of filters you don’t see listed in our store most likely I can order these filters for you also. All Baldwin and Fleetguard filters are sold by the case unless smaller lots are shown. If you don’t need a full case message us and we may be able to sell individual quantities.  We all want the best prices of anything we buy. If you see any filters or parts in my store that have a higher price than other stores you see in online, send me a message.

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(4 PACK) AD27750 FLEETGUARD AIR DRYER BA5374 Freightliner International Kenworth a284

Product Specifications
Condition: New
Brand: Fleetguard
Part Number: AD27750
Style: Spin-On Air Filter
Service: Air Dryer
Media: Wire Mesh
Height: 6.5 (165)*
Outer Diameter Top: 5.52 (140)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 39X1.5 MM
( )* denotes metric

Gasket Diameters
                O.D.              I.D.             Thk.
Attached 4.381 (111)* 3.93 (100)*  0.31 (8)*
Packed    1.693 (43)*   1.299 (33)*  0.197 (5)*

Principle Application
Blue Bird, Kassbohrer, Setra Buses, DAF, E.R.F., Freightliner, International, Iveco, Kenworth, Mack, M.A.N., Mercedes-Benz, Peterbilt, R.V.I., Sterling, Volvo Trucks, Liebherr Cranes. For Coalescing Version use AD27747.

Interchange Part Numbers
24374 2032389 2992261 4C452A131AA 89040662 T250W TB1374X P781466 P953571 PFA5693 AD1 LFP8654 0004293695 4324100202 SP800 109994 272897 5008414 5008415 89374 15920105 AL204884 571352308 950011 AL10 AL12 AL3 A0004293695 AC1001 AD27730 76117673 A2750524 1699132 3090268 3090288 3091200 3915558 8159915 20410155 30902886 270694 R950011 BR950011 20377023 ADC1000 A26000 4374 95374 A000429369