708-6449 KOEHRING HYDRAULIC FILTER HF7538 Bantam John Deere Koehring Lorain a011

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708-6449 KOEHRING HYDRAULIC FILTER HF7538 Bantam John Deere Koehring Lorain a011


Manufacturer Part Number: 708-6449


Interchange Part Number:

84414 PT8361 P166446 91414 HFR87538 HF1003 HF952Q L7414 301955098 301986449 842710000 LH8489G HH8489G001727704 7414 TJ842710000 AY017 8427100 HF166446 57414 557414 41181 4313252 4313260 7055098 842710000 3I0716 9576P166446

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Product Specifications

Part Number:    708-6449

Style:       Cartridge Hydraulic Metal Canister Filter

Service:    Hydraulic

Type:        Full Flow

Media:      Cellulose

Height:     15.12” (384mm)*

Outer Diameter:        6.5” (165mm)*

Inside Diameter:       3.54” (90mm)*

Nominal Micron Rating:      20

(  )* denotes metric


Principle Application:

Bantam, John Deere, Koehring, Lorain and Sky Trak Equipment